Working in live hospitals

The majority of our healthcare projects are refurbishment works within live and fully functioning hospitals, whether it is refurbishing a live A&E department or fitting out a new operating theatre.

Working within a live hospital provides several key challenges. However, no matter what the challenge is, communication is key to a successful project within a live environment.

Working adjacent to patients and nursing staff
Working with a functioning hospital department means that we are fully accustomed to working alongside healthcare professionals, service users and patients. We know that flexibility is a must. Works may need to be halted at the first sign of a medical emergency and it is essential that we maintain an open and trusting relationship with the client and key staff to ensure that this flexibility is available when immediately required.

Detailed planning is an essential part of any successful healthcare refurbishment. It is essential as contractors, that our understanding of the day-to-day operations within the live hospital environments, is a critical factor in the smooth transition from old to new.
Projects usually involve complex programming and phasing, ensuring both patients and staff experience minimal disruption thought out the build.

Clear communications
We believe in working in partnership with our clients and maintaining clear communications throughout the project. Regular meetings with key nursing staff and estates departments ensure we are able to schedule the refurbishment works around clinical activity. Our use of specialist plant and equipment allows the hospital to continue operating in a ‘business as usual’ manner.