Project director attends Y9 maths lesson!

Pupils at Becket Keys Church of England School in Brentwood have been eagerly watching their new teaching block develop over the past ten months and as we near the end of the project, we were delighted to be invited by the headmaster to speak with some of the pupils during their maths lesson about the importance of maths in everyday life and how it is very relevant to everything we do on a daily basis within the construction industry.

Project director, Darren Warner led the class of year nine pupils and actively engaged with them, taking them through the construction process and explaining the importance of percentages, ratios, area, volume, trigonometry and pythagoras – giving real life examples of how these mathematical aspects are used during day to day construction.

The talk was well received by the school and Mr Scott-Evans, Headteacher thanked Logan for their efforts. “Thank you so much for coming to speak to my mathematicians today. It was an excellent session and really interesting for us all.

I am sure that the message of mathematics being important really got through… I also think the friendly and open presentation will have given them a very good impression of the construction industry. You were encouraging and warm and I think they will all think very highly of you and Logan specifically and the trade more generally after this.”

Speaking after the lesson, Darren Warner said: “It was a real pleasure to give some year nine pupils an insight into how important maths is in every day construction. They showed a real interest in our project and hopefully this talk has given them some encouragement to pursue a career in construction, and to continue with their efforts in maths.”

The educational session was such a success, that Darren has been invited back to talk at more maths lessons over the next few weeks. At Logan, we actively engage within the communities in which we build and we are proud to have been given this opportunity to work with Becket Keys Church of England School.

Logan Construction at Becket Keys School Logan Construction at Becket Keys School