Breast Clinic

Royal Free Hospital

Project Name: Breast Clinic

Location: London

Value: £600,000

Principal Consultants: Murphy Philipps, SMP

Project Duration: 16 weeks

We are undertaking the refurbishment and renewal of the Breast Clinic that will provide updated facilities for staff and patients.

Once complete, the clinic will provide 2 new mammography and 2 new ultrasound suites, staff reporting spaces, a new reception and waiting area, refreshed consultants’ rooms and utilities areas. Currently the department functions on only one mammography suite, so these changes will provide the Royal Free Hospital with greater capacity in which to meet demand.

In order to carry out the work without disrupting the services provided by the Breast Clinic team, the project has been divided into two sections and therefore two phases. The space located within the first phase was not previously part of the clinic and was used as a laboratory area and specimen lab. This section is being undertaken first to allow the clinic to operate as usual.

This larger more complex first phase includes the delivery of the new mammography rooms, ultrasound suites and reception space and once complete will enable the decant of staff, patients and facilities from the existing clinic. We will then undertake the renewal of the existing clinic in phase 2. As part of this phase, we will create a new corridor that connects the two areas. This is being undertaken out of hours to minimise disruption.

Works to the two areas include strip out, demolition of current internal walls, installation of new partitions, drainage works, fire stopping and other elements including decoration and flooring.