New Hybrid Theatre

Royal Brompton Hospital

Project Name: Royal Brompton New Hybrid Theatre

Location: Sydney Street, London, SW3 6NP

Value: £2,900,000

Principal Consultants: WT Partnership, Ansell & Bailey, WSP Group, Wallace Whittle

Project Duration: 56 weeks

Logan Construction was delighted to secure this important project working in conjunction with the Royal Brompton Hospital following a high profile charity fundraising appeal.

The construction works comprised the formation of a new Hybrid operating theatre suite, which will combine complex imaging equipment in an environment where different surgical procedures can take place at the same time; series of procedures which would normally take weeks, or even months, can be done on the same day.

The project includes new clinical staff changing facilities and the formation of surgical offices. The works were undertaken over several levels of the hospital both internally and externally, where teamwork with several hospital departments ensured that effective logistics and mutually beneficial plans were put in place.

Major structural alterations to permit services and new staircases were included along with an extensive renewal of M&E services, whilst ensuring continuity of the existing live theatre operations and critical care units which were adjacent to the construction works.

Retaining live operational services, minimising noise, providing dust and vibration control measures, maintaining defined segregations, which were reviewed on a ongoing basis to facilitate detailed plans to meet the clients infection control requirements.

This, in conjunction with ensuring emergency evacuation controls, undertaking timely commission testing, and liaising with the clinical and nursing staff, were just some of the operational challenges undertaken within the theatres area.

The works included groundworks, piling and drainage alterations, construction of a new steel framed building, full fit out and provision of specialist equipment facilities.

I just wanted to say a big thank for the site management of work carried out in the microbiology labs. All the works were very clearly explained, communicated and coordinated to ensure they were carried out safely and to time and that we could carry on functioning as a seven day diagnostic lab. I have worked with several site and contract managers before and wanted to let you know that Logan Construction rate very high on my service quality list. I know the whole project has been a very difficult one to manage and I just wanted to say what an excellent job your team have done, thanks