St Pancras Public Mortuary

London Borough of Camden

Project Name: St Pancras Public Mortuary

Location: Camley Street, London NW1

Value: £1,700,000

Principal Consultants: Paul Murphy Architects

Project Duration: 30 weeks

This project entailed the refurbishment and extension to the existing St Pancras Public Mortuary. The original building was extended by 90m² to improve the essential post mortem facilities, the staff working environment and the public areas.

The project presented a number of challenges due to the complex involvement of the specialist contractors design and works.  There were nearly 50 separate subcontract companies used to carry out these technically demanding works.

A weekend crane lift had to be organised to carry out the placing of the various items of AC plant on the roof and the installation of the solid pre-finished concrete entrance portal units. This operation alone, required the involvement of eight different specialist companies.

The electrical connections to the new facility were very complicated due to the shared service with the existing office building next door, used by the same client. Also the existing generator system had to be monitored, isolated and reconnected in association with the new supplies. This work involved two weekend shutdowns to avoid any loss of supply to the adjoining offices during the working week.

The scope of the work included:

  • Increasing and upgrading facilities to meet revised bariatric requirements
  • Creating a dedicated forensic post mortem room
  • Providing new observation areas
  • Improving the staff offices, change areas and transition spaces
  • Improving the public entrance, waiting and body viewing provision
  • Improving the carbon footprint of the building.

In November 2015, the building was ‘Highly Commended’ in the ‘Best End of Life Care Development’ category of the BBH Building Better Healthcare awards.