East Surrey Hospital – Operating Theatres Upgrades

Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

Project Name: East Surrey Hospital Theatres

Location: East Surrey Hospital, Surrey

Value: £4,800,000

Principal Consultants: ADP Architects, Bernard Williams Associates, Alan McEwan Associates, The Richard Stevens Partnership

Project Duration: 78 weeks

Logan Construction was delighted to secure this challenging hospital theatre refurbishment project, working in partnership with the Surrey and Sussex Trust.

The works comprised the formation of six new theatres, combined with patient and maternity recovery areas, clinical team facilities and pharmacy stores.  An extensive renewal of M&E services was undertaken, whilst ensuring continuity of the existing live theatre operations, critical care and maternity units, which were adjacent to the construction works.

Our primary objective was to maintain nine operational theatres at all times, whilst refurbishing the existing theatres within a live clinical environment.

Retaining live operational services, minimising noise, providing dust and vibration control measures, maintaining defined segregations, which were reviewed on a ongoing basis to facilitate rearranging logistics and work patterns to meet the clients infection control requirements. This, in conjunction with ensuring emergency evacuation controls, undertaking timely commission testing and liaising with the clinical and nursing staff, were just some of the operational challenges undertaken within the theatres area.

Externally the design of heavy duty scaffolding together with a detailed planned logistical approach, was necessary to ensure that concurrent installation of new plant and services was achieved along with a decant and reoccupation strategy to move departments as the project evolved.

Given the sheer volume and complexity of activities the development of an integrated team was critical to micromanage and validate the plans necessary to deliver the overall project.

We acknowledge that the success of this project was achieved through the full commitment, professionalism and dedication of the client, their consultants, the supply chain and contractor working closely together as a team to achieve a common goal.