Krishna Avanti Primary School

Krishna Avanti Primary School Trust

Project Name: Krishna Avanti Primary School

Location: Harrow, London

Value: £530k

Principal Consultants: Ansell + Bailey

Project Duration: 16 weeks

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A beautiful design and build extension for the Krishna Avanti Primary School in Harrow, London.  The construction is timber frame and timber clad with a green roof and exemplar daylighting throughout creating a wonderful teaching environment. The extension is the final phase of a courtyard arrangement, with the Hindu temple as the focus in the centre.

Built alongside an existing modern school and traditional Hindu temple, this extension is the school’s final phase and features environmental technologies, from its sustainable timber frame construction, through to the green roof.

Construction works included much needed new classroom teaching facilities, toilet blocks and storage areas, seamlessly incorporating existing buildings and outside spaces.

We are very thankful for the effort, commitment and positive attitude demonstrated by the Logan Construction team and the successful outcome of this project. The new facilities have already been in use and appreciated by our staff and visitors and I’m sure school pupils will feel the same in future years when it becomes their classroom!