RFH Private Patients Unit

Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

Project Name: Royal Free PPU

Location: The Royal Free Hospital, Pond Street, London, NW3 2QG

Value: £1.5m

Principal Consultants: Ansell & Bailey LLP, Stuart McCurry & Partners Ltd

Project Duration: 20 weeks

Located on the 12th floor of the Royal Free Hospital, the Private Patients Unit combines the convenience, comfort and personal attention of a private hospital with the very best state-of-the-art services, technology and professional excellence you would expect from a top London teaching hospital.

Scope of works:
The project was undertaken in two stages. The first stage included demolition of the existing ward and surveys.

The second stage involved reconfiguring the rooms to form four isolation bedrooms, three normal bedrooms and a dialysis bedroom, along with associated staff areas and welfare facilities. All electrical and mechanical works throughout the unit were completely renewed.

Key challenges:
With a tight 20 week programme, the start date was initially delayed, incurring a two week delay.

In addition, the initial drawings for the mechanical installation were reissued following the redesign of a large section of the works. We rose to the challenge and reprogrammed the scheme to bring the project back on track and to avoid any further potential delays.

Other issues included the lack of water pressure on the twelfth floor and an initial instruction to provide shower pumps, was later reversed (shower fittings were changed instead).

Following close liaison with the client and other parties, offering proactive solutions to potential issues, a total of six weeks extension of time was negotiated, of which only five weeks were required to allow us to successfully complete the project.

This was a challenging project where we pulled out all the stops to provide a very successful outcome.