Cell Therapeutics Unit

Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

Project Name: Royal Free Hospital Laboratories

Location: Pond Street, London, NW3 2QS

Value: £1,610,000

Principal Consultants: WT Partnership, AHP, AECOM, Wareham & Associates, Stuart McCurry

Project Duration: 40 weeks

The Cellular Therapeutics unit is a highly specialist research facility in urgent need of increased capacity. This was a single project in three phases to provide that capacity.

Phase one provided new stage one gowning area, product storage and cell processing laboratories without disruption to the existing services.

Phase two provided a new steel framed building on the ground floor of an enclosed four storey light well. Without the benefit of a crane lift, the demolition  materials, plant and new materials were all manhandled into place. The building was designed to house new Cat B production laboratories, built to the client’s unique specification. The project required the installation of sophisticated air handling units linked to a complex mechanical and electrical design. Units were mounted underneath the concrete ceiling, connected to the roof top plant room, before this area was sealed and the five individual laboratories were formed.

Phase three was the final consolidation of the unit with the inclusion of the capacity of producing genetically modified cells.  The production facility now offers reduced operating costs while facilitating retention of UK operating licences.

Now featuring a very high specification, the new laboratories showcase leading world class facilities where exemplary design, high specification and faultless installation culminate in an impeccable finish.

Many contractors claim they aim to hand over a snag free project, but today is the first time in my career that I’ve seen it... you are to be congratulated on a job well done!