St Thomas’ Hospital Emergency Care Pathways

Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Project Name: St Thomas’ Hospital A&E

Location: Westminster Bridge Rd, SE1 7EH

Value: £19m

Principal Consultants: Essentia, ADP Architects, Sweett Group

Project Duration: 160 weeks

The existing A&E of this historic hospital, named the Emergency Care Pathways project, was sorely in need of updating to meet modern standards and process changes in the treatment of its patients. Our work saw the delivery of a multi-phased refurbishment project to remodel the department. This was undertaken in a live environment throughout and with minimal impact on the hospital and its patients.

The challenges surrounding the scheme were many fold. The department has 140,000 patients that it treats on an annual basis and this footfall had to be maintained at all times. 

With this in mind, the project was divided into several main work phases, with each in turn having many sub phases of their own. The areas of the department delivered across each of the phases were:

  •  Delivery of an Acute Admission Ward and Part A of the new Paediatrics unit.
  •  The new Initial Assessment area and an Urgent Care Centre, provision of a Temporary Majors area, the balance of the Paediatrics unit along with Emergency X-ray Unit 3. We also provided new administrative offices via a new modular extension installed directly above the A&E department.
  •  New Resus and Staff Support Areas
  •  Delivery of the new Majors area, Emergency X Ray, London Ambulance Service emergency access corridor along with the main A&E corridor areas.

Now, with 4,400 m2 of remodelled space to work in, the new A&E department is futureproofed to cope with its projected year on year increase in patient intake. The department can now manage the 380 patients it sees presently on average per day in a more efficient manner and critically, reduce the waiting times for people attending the A&E, which is a key national driver.

Can you pass on my thanks and respect to you and your team for the incredible hard work they’ve all put into the ECP project so far. The last two and a half days has seen an incredible scale of move, possible the largest move in ten years, and it has gone without a hitch. We’ve clearly built a special relationship and all your team have respected the clinical environment and challenges faced with respect for others and a clear pride in their work. Key aspects of the Trusts own values.