2024 Kicks Off with a Busy Start

April 2024

What an exciting start to 2024!  We are thrilled to share some of the projects we have recently been awarded, started on-site or are about to begin.

Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust – Hospital Car Park

After the demolition of Sycamore House by the client, Logan Construction has begun the construction of a new 100 bay car park. The project includes both below ground and surface water drainage works, as well as external lighting installations, and has a project value of £600k.

East London Foundation Trust

We have two projects currently ongoing, with a total project value of approx. £500k, awarded as follows:

Wolfson House – This four-week project began on 11th March 2024, and involves replacing existing both standard and emergency light fittings with modern energy efficient and anti ligature equivalents in a live mental health environment. Work locations include the ground floor, external and roof areas, with operations being carried out in a carefully sequenced and controlled manner.

Charter House – This project began in January and our work includes external facade/fenestration repairs and renewals, along with some localised internal refurbishment works.

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust – Heathview Building

We have been awarded two interrelated projects for this new client at their Goldie Leigh site. The first scheme involves the re-supporting of a sunken ground floor,, and involves a specialist grouting system below the existing concrete slab, and then new underpinning and bracing columns to the external walls  . We are scheduled to begin work at the start of May 2024.

The second project involves the internal refurbishment of the same building as a whole ultimately creating a new Community Hub space. This includes the demolition of internal walls and partitions to suit the new layout, the installation of new internal partitions as required, works to WCs with new sanitaryware, installing new suspended ceilings, renewal of both mechanical and electrical elements to match the new requirements, replacing floor coverings and redecoration works throughout. The combined value of both projects is £1.3m.

West Herts Training Hospital NHS Trust

We have recently tendered four projects for this Trust, for works at Watford General Hospital., and are thrilled to have been awarded all of these, with a combined project value of £ 1.3M

The first project involves refurbishing the Fracture Department located within Level 2 of the Princess Michael of Kent building. Enabling works for this project began in October 2023. The second project commenced on 12th February 2024.  It includes reconfiguring the existing layout to provide new receptions, waiting areas, consulting rooms, plaster bays, and support rooms. Additionally, the project involves installing air handling units, lighting, CCTV, drainage, hot and cold services and all new finishes, including decorations, flooring and wall cladding.

The third and fourth projects have now been combined into a single project, which started on 20th February 2024. The works involve a series of refurbishments throughout the Emergency Department. Due to the live clinical environment, the project will be delivered in phases. Phase 1 includes works to the Triage Room, Steaming Rooms and TAM cubicles. Phase 2 continues the works in the ED area.

ICL Reynolds Building

This project is valued at £1.3m and will begin on 15th April 2024. The aim of this project is to refurbish the ground floor reception and current first floor student areas in order to create new teaching spaces and facilities. The project also involves reconfiguring selected areas of the third floor to include multi-faith areas, nursing and ablution facilities.

Hornsby House School

During the Easter holidays, we returned to Hornsby House School for the third time, to carry out a small roofing repair/replacement/upgrade project as part of our continued excellent relationship with this client.

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