Dean Street Completion

April 2024

Procured through the NHS SBS Framework, this refurbishment project was undertaken at two different locations in the same London street.  The project involved converting and upgrading the existing office space in both buildings, one for use as a clinical health space and the other as a call centre.

Location one, situated on the fourth floor of a busy office environment, was transformed into the clinical health space. The project involved altering and adapting the existing office space to provide a series of new consulting rooms, a new reception area, and a new waiting room. Additionally, the fire segregation installation was upgraded and improved, and mechanical, electrical, plumbing and heating systems were extended/upgraded/replaced. Additionally, the existing open-plan meeting area in the basement was converted to provide break-out areas, meeting spaces, a storage facility and a new kitchen area.

Location two was transformed into an open-plan office area for the Trust’s Call Centre. The project involved altering the layout and services to suit revised occupancy and ancillary rooms were introduced. The area now includes open-plan offices, meeting rooms and private booth areas, with the works being completed whilst the immediate areas remained fully operational and at full capacity.

Both of the work locations faced restrictions due to the building being shared with other tenants, and noise controls and logistical restrictions with regards to any material and waste movements prevailed thought the contract period.. Despite these challenges, the project was successfully completed to much client acclaim, and the refurbished areas are now fully functional.

The project was deemed a resounding success, by both the client team and their consultant team, and in particular the project architects, Ansell & Bailey. The Logan project team worked tirelessly throughout the contract period, and paid close attention to the level of detail and finish producing a high quality end product.

Programme:  20 weeks

Project Value:  £1.3m

Client:  Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust

Architect:  Ansell & Bailey

QS:  Christopher & Smith Associates LLP