Honor Goodsite visits pupils at Cromer Road Primary School

July 10, 2018

Today, Cromer Road Primary School enthusiastically received a VIP guest to talk about Health and Safety. Honor Goodsite, Site Engineer from Goodsite Engineering, took time out of her busy schedule to visit the pupils to talk about the dangers of construction sites and how to stay safe. Honor was also there to enlighten students about careers in construction and how women can have a successful career in the industry.

Marketing Manager, Steph Harris led the assembly covering these themes as Honor handed out a gift of high viz vests to the students (along with some high fives!).

Honor then invited the pupils to design a health and safety themed poster to remind them of the themes of the assembly.

Logan’s Education Director Darren Warner said “We think Honor is the perfect mascot to educate students about the potential hazards of going into and playing within construction sites. We were delighted to meet the pupils and look forward to seeing their poster designs”.

We are currently working on the site at Cromer Road to deliver new teaching facilities to students and staff which involves delivering in very close proximity to the school and also delivering a phase of refurbishment while the school is in occupation.

This is the first part of our engagement with the students at Cromer Road, with us shortly to be launching a time lapse camera that pupils, their parents and the local community can access to see how the site is progressing. We are also planning to host site tours as the build progresses to give pupils an insight into how buildings work.

The £2.6m project is due for completion in Autumn 2019.