Healthcare Construction Project Portfolio

Healthcare is a fundamental aspect of our business and it continues to be a significant area of our operations. We have a remarkable track record of building and renovating healthcare facilities, ranging from GP surgeries and hospital departments to mental health establishments and A&E departments.

With an experience of over 25 years working within functioning hospital environments, we have gained a comprehensive understanding of NHS work practices. We realise that it is crucial that both medical staff and patients are not negatively impacted by the construction or refurbishment work going on around them.

A&E departments deal with genuine life-threatening illnesses and injuries on a daily basis, which is why it is essential that medical staff have access to the most advanced facilities and medical equipment. We have a strong understanding of A&E departments, their demands and the pressures they face. Our pragmatic approach to working within A&E environments, based on practical common sense, has led to successful refurbishments in some of the busiest London hospitals.

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