Hornsby House School

This project is the second contract award we have received from Hornsby House School and was for a fast-track summer works refurbishment project in the Lower School Building.

Architect: Dinwiddie Maclaren Architects
Location: London
Duration: 8 weeks

About This Education Project

We were delighted to receive an invitation to return to Hornsby House School in 2023 for further refurbishment work during the summer holidays.

Our task this year was to renovate three classrooms and the adjacent hall in the Lower School Building, all within an eight-week period.

The classrooms are adorned with a stunning blend of cream, green and blue shades and feature large, multi-coloured acoustic shapes suspended from the ceilings.

Meanwhile, the hall boasts a sky-blue ceiling with hanging clouds, a small wooden stage, four wooden houses with soft foam seating and a beautiful tree for decoration. The children can write and draw on the whiteboard behind the tree to their heart’s content.

To further enhance the look, we covered the old style radiators in all the rooms with bespoke wooden radiator covers and added matching wooden bookcases.

We also sanded and restored the parquet flooring in the hall area, giving it a beautiful finish.

Moreover, we updated the services installations to meet current requirements, including power, data, lighting and heating system improvements.

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