Mental Health Facilities

Managing a construction project in a live mental health ward can be an extremely challenging task. Studies have shown that the quality of the healthcare environment has a significant impact on a service user's recovery. Service users are sensitive to their architectural environment and tend to make better progress in newer, purpose-designed buildings as compared to older, outdated facilities.

We have undertaken the creation of mental health treatment areas for various NHS Trusts, which involved procuring, installing and commissioning several secure observation rooms. We ensured strict compliance with relevant HBN parameters, including HBN 03-01 Adult Acute Mental Health and considered the anti-ligature, anti-pick mastic and anti-tamper provisions needed in the procurement of doors, IPS and other items.

The hospital environment plays a crucial role in a service user’s sense of well-being. Capital projects aimed at upgrading and refurbishing mental health facilities are vital to bring older buildings in line with modern mental health design philosophies. New mental health facilities are built to support recovery, facilitate human interactions essential to treatment and meet service users’ basic needs for safety, security, and well-being.

Client feedback

THANKS! Our new department is fantastic and it has been a real pleasure working with all of you on these phases. The move could not have gone smoother and we are so grateful for all your patience and support with all our last minute questions and changes. The patients are already saying how much better they feel in the new environment.
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Senior Operations Manager
Royal Free Hospital
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