Norton Knatchbull School

Refurbishment and upgrading of Norton Knatchbull School to deliver updated and modern buildings for current and future students.

Architect: Nick Perry Associates
Quantity Surveyor: Betteridge & Milsom
Location: Kent
Duration: 52 weeks

About This Education Project

This project aimed to improve the school’s infrastructure and facilities to provide a modern learning environment for both present and future students.

The school underwent several improvements such as new roofing, cladding and glazing. These changes were made not only to revitalize the school’s appearance but also to enhance the environmental performance of the buildings.

One of the major upgrades was the refurbishment of the reception area to create a brighter entrance for both students and visitors.

Keeping the school’s operational teaching areas was a top priority for the school. In the early stages, we worked closely with their team to agree on a plan to keep these areas functioning. We installed internal hoarding in specific areas to ensure work could progress in line with the agreed programme. This hoarding was essential to maintain student safety and the continuous operation of key rooms.

Additionally, we agreed on a phased Programme of works with the client. This programme was delivered in four distinct phases and ensured that critical areas of the school remained operational. This approach helped to not disrupt the vital learning pathways of the pupils.

We also worked around the school’s calendar to perform potentially noisy works outside of important periods such as exams. For specific areas such as the music room and computer rooms, we carried out the work exclusively out-of-hours to minimise any disruption to adjacent areas.

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