Office Refurbishment, London

The main object of this project was to completely renovate the office space on the second floor of the building. This required extensive remodelling and refurbishing of the space, including the installation of new flooring, partitions and furniture.

Architect: GDM Architects
Quantity Surveyor: Arcadis
Location: London
Duration: 40 weeks

Additionally, space on the ground and first floors was modified to meet the specific needs of the occupants.

The building is a Grade II listed, five-storey building constructed in the 1850s using mainly brick and block, with a height of approximately 15m from the access level to the topmost floor. There is also one level approximately 3m below ground. The layout includes office space and main reception space on the ground level, and office space from the first level to the fifth level.

In addition to the renovations, the project also involved security enhancements to ensure the safety of the occupants. These measures were based on a thorough security risk assessment of the site and included the installation of surveillance cameras, access control systems and alarm systems.

Overall, this project was a major undertaking that required careful planning, precise execution, and close collaboration between all stakeholders involved. The end result was a modern, state-of-the-art facility that met the needs of its occupants while also providing a high level of security and safety.

Despite the project starting four weeks behind schedule due to the landlord’s unavailability to sign the contract, the team worked diligently to ensure that the work was completed efficiently and effectively. The project was successfully completed two weeks earlier than the original agreed-upon timeline, thanks to the team’s hard work and dedication. Despite the initial setback, the team was able to overcome the delay and deliver a high-quality project that met all of the client’s expectations and requirements.

Being in London, the site was heavily constrained and working conditions were restricted to ‘no noise’, meaning early starts and late working. Noisy works were only permitted between 06:30 – 08:00. Skips were only permitted on Fridays.

The works carried out in three phases with Phase 1 including the redecoration of the ground floor, complete rewiring, installation of data cables and utility wiring. The ground floor rewiring took 65,000 meters of new IT cabling – equivalent to 65km!  Additionally, alterations were made to existing meeting rooms and remedial works were carried out on the existing main entrance doors.

During phase 2, two existing rooms were transformed into four rooms, along with a new corridor. Further remodeling and refurbishment works were carried out in the existing office area to create a new media room, including all associated fabric and mechanical/electrical installations. A new security control room was also created by converting the existing locker room area, followed by reconfiguration of the existing kitchen.

During the second phase of our project, we made various renovations to the building. Firstly, we replaced the old entrance doors with new toughened glazing and matching mirror chrome finish, as per the requirements of the planning officers. This was necessary to maintain the Grade II listing of the building. Additionally, we carried out repairs to the portico and York stone steps, based on the advice of the conservation officer.

Furthermore, the second floor required a complete refurbishment, which included the installation of a new heating and cooling HVAC system.

In phase 3, old partitions were demolished to open up the whole building. New acoustic offices and a new kitchen were installed, along with an accessible shower/toilet and offices.

Security enhancements included upgrading the existing Access Control System, relocating the Access Control software to the new Security Control room, replacement of CCTV cameras, and installation of additional cameras to suit new layouts. The existing CCTV control system was also relocated to the new Security Control Room, and the Landlord’s existing external CCTV system was integrated to facilitate monitoring from the new.

The Security Control Room was equipped with a fire alarm repeater panel and a 60-second delay on Fire Alarm manual break glass call points. The existing Intruder Detection System was upgraded to provide additional coverage, and an Intruder Detection System Repeater Panel was installed. Two-way screed Anti Shatter Film was installed to windows and the operational options of the existing lifts were assessed.

All phases included redecoration, supply and installation of new furniture and supply and installation of new signage, branding, and manifestations.

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