Redevelopment of East Croydon Medical Centre Completes

July 2023

East Croydon Medical Centre has been redeveloped into a circa 1000 m2 four-storey modern, purpose-built NHS Health Centre

The redevelopment project involved partially demolishing an existing 3-storey building and the construction of a new steel framed 4-storey medical centre.  The shell and core works were started by a previous building contractor.  On termination of their contract, Logan Construction were appointed to complete the building works and to carry on with the refurbishment and fit out element of the contract.

With an expanded layout spanning four floors, the redevelopment project has now provided our client with a modern and efficient healthcare facility to accommodate the growing population of East Croydon.

The client’s objective was to increase clinical floor space by 50%, enhancing primary care capacity and improving healthcare services for the community.

The new centre also provides new diagnostic facilities and an on-site pharmacy, reducing the need for patients to be referred to other NHS buildings.  To ensure easy access to all floors, a four-storey lift tower has been installed.

The fourth floor has been redeveloped into offices, administration area, storage/filing room, kitchen and meeting rooms.

State-of-the-art consultation rooms – the expanded facility now features 29 modern consultant rooms, ensuring ample space and privacy.

Improved accessibility – new accessibility lift installed, ensuring seamless access to individuals of all abilities to all four floors of the medical centre.  Each floor has also been provided with accessible toilet facilities.

Three spacious reception areas – newly designed, spacious reception areas (one of each of the first three floors) providing a welcoming environment crafted to provide patients with a comfortable and stress-free visit from the moment they arrive.


Programme:  39 weeks

Project value:  £3,000,000


Client:                             Dr McCrae & Partners

Funding:                         Part funded from MHSE

Project Manager:            TP2MC

Architect:                         Brookes Architects

Services Engineer:         Beveridge Associates

Structural Engineer:        Toorac Talk Consulting