Refurbishment Project Commences at Guildbourne House

23 February 2023

Client:                   DEFRA

Project Value:       £1,300,000

Programme:         32 weeks


This week saw Logan Construction start on site at Guildbourne House.

Guildbourne House is an 6-storey self-contained office building in Worthing town centre, sitting above floors 1 and 2 of the Guildbourne Shopping Centre (8 floors in total).

The building has an area of approximately 900 m2 and an external perimeter of 150m.

This contract is for the Backlog Maintenance Project and includes

  • All external repairs
  • Southern stairwell works (both internal and external)
  • Window servicing and repairs (including any internal damage repair/making good from water penetration)


Building History

Worthing came into existence in the 5th Century as a small village in Saxon times.  The town began to develop during the reign of Princess Amelia (1798) and had grown rapidly by the 29th century.  Growth continued during the 20th century with the seaside town flourishing.

The Guildbourne Shopping Centre, which is situated below the 6 storey office block we are refurbishing, was built in 1971.  The centre was further extended and refurbished in 2001.