Sub-Contractors Wanted

July 2022

Following our success in becoming a Principal Supply Chain Partner on the Procure23 (P23) framework (both London and South East Lots) we are now looking to enhance our supply chain and are welcoming applications from new Subcontractors and Suppliers to become a part of our approved listing.

Projects under our framework appointment will be up to 20M in value as a whole, and we are looking for suitably sized and experienced Supply Chain Partners, who feel they can successfully contribute on a range of healthcare projects.

Our Supply Chain is integral to the success of each and every project that we work on, and we need to ensure that our supply chain member’s skills, training, values and financial stability match our own.

We currently require qualified and experienced contractors who are able to provide the following trades across London and the South East.

  • Groundworkers – Potential package values up to 3M
  • Demolition/Alteration & Temporary Works Contractors – Potential package values up to 1M
  • Bricklayers – Potential package values up to 1M
  • Concrete Superstructure and Formwork Contractors – Potential Package values up to 2M
  • Cladding Works – Potential package values up to 3M
  • Precast Concrete manufacturers – Potential package values up to 1M
  • Carpentry Contractors – Potential package values up to 500K
  • Mechanical Contractors – Potential package values up to 5M
  • Firestopping/Fireproofing Specialists – Potential values up to 500K
  • Electrical Contractors – Potential package values up to 5M
  • Plastering & Screeding Contractors– Potential package values up to 1M
  • Decorating Contractors – Potential package values up to 500K
  • Flooring Contractors – Potential package values up to 500K

Aside from these specific trades, others are also welcome to contact Logan Construction advising of their services and the size of projects that they are comfortable with. With all applications, can you please indicate your Company Turnover levels for the last 3 years, so we can make sure that the package values above are realistic for you.

We will need to satisfy ourselves that you will deliver to programme, and can meet cost and specification expectations, working in a safe manner and with client satisfaction as your main focus.

If you wish to work for Logan Construction, please note that the highest standards are expected in terms of Onsite Quality, Health & Safety levels, Commercial input  and Management Approach . There will be specific requirements on projects such as BREEAM, waste targets, QMS input, health & safety targets and requirements to provide local labour and apprenticeships.  Any such requirement will be explained prior to appointment on a particular scheme, but you must have the ability and resources to comply with our requirements . Monthly monitoring reports will also be required from all supply chain members working on live construction sites.

The overall value of potential works is dependent on the number of contracts awarded to Logan Construction via the P23 framework.

For companies wanting to work with us, we expect the same exemplary standards which we have developed with our established supply-chain.

We understand the importance of good working relationships with our supply-chain. Fundamental to our ethos is developing and retaining a cohesive team made of the best people. A robust pool of specialist suppliers is key to this philosophy.


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