Three New Projects Successfully Handed Over to Royal Free Hospital

April 2021

MRI Scanners – £2.8m

This complex project comprised the refurbishment of two existing MRI suites and the demolition and rebuilding of an extension to form one other.

Owing to the critical requirement for the imaging department to maintain operational throughout our works, we collaborated with the key stakeholders to confirm a robust phasing approach for the construction programme. This phasing, underpinned by the MRI safe working system we incorporated, ensured that the imaging department continued to provide critical services to a high footfall of patients throughout the project.

Through mobilisation stage workshops with the MRI suppliers and the trust, we were able to safely remove the two existing MRI machines on site. This was followed by the installation of three new benchmark scanners.


Nuclear Medicines – £1.7m

The works on this project comprised the conversion and refurbishment of the Nuclear Medicine Department on the ground floor to create new spaces for the installation of new imaging equipment including a CT scanner and two Gamma scanners.

Works included demolitions and alterations to adjacent occupied areas and had to be completed in the minimum possible time, with some works being carried outside of normal working hours.


IRCU Minor – £275,000

Refurbishment and alteration project to create new radial lounge, two staff bases, WCs, bed bays, family room and clean store.


Safe working through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to deliver these new facilities which exemplifies the World class health standards of the Royal Free Hospital. To deliver to these standards, our team demonstrated a collaborative, dynamic and problem-solving approach to construction during the pandemic. This included adapting to a range of new challenges, including new infection control requirements and pressures in our supply-chain.


William Logan, Managing Director, quoted:  “The MRI works for the Royal Free Hospital is a benchmark project from Logan’s perspective and proof of what can be achieved with true collaboration and an integrated, committed and skilled client/contracting/consulting team.  When we consider the surrounding restrictions of a blue light heart attack centre route, hospital main entrance and for good measure a major £100m+ project site set up next to and above us, it really was a remarkable project to safely deliver.  With such logistical challenges (including COVID), accolades are fully deserved to all involved.  It’s amazing how the site team and the hospital staff accommodated all the works whilst maintaining a patient operational facility at all times.”