Three Project Awards From Chelsea & Westminster NHS Trust

December 2023

We are thrilled to have secured a new client and we are currently working on three exciting projects for the Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust.  Our teams are on-site and we are dedicated to delivering high-quality work that exceeds our client’s expectations.  We are proud to be a part of such important projects that will ultimately benefit the community and improve healthcare services.


Project 1

West Middlesex University Hospital, Marjory Warren Block, Ground Floor

This project involves altering and adapting the basement outpatient department to create a new 24-bed Stroke Ward, along with additional facilities such as ancillary accommodation and a ward gymnasium. New MEPH services will be installed to suit the new area function and new partitions and fixtures will be installed to match the new layout.

As the work is being carried out in an operational building, noisy working hours will be limited and agreed upon with the Trust to avoid disturbing adjoining and adjacent areas.

Our skilled team has been on site since October 2023 and we expect the project to be completed by mid April 2024.

Architect:  AHP Architects & Surveyors Ltd

Principal Designer:  Nick Perry Associates

Quantity Surveyor:  Christopher Smith Associates LLP

Project Value:  £3.4m


Project 2

Dean Street, London

Project 2 is situated on the fourth floor and basement of 56 Dean Street, as well as the first floor of 37 Dean Street. Our task involves modifying and adapting some of the existing office space on the fourth floor to create new consultation rooms. Additionally, we will refurbish the basement space, which will require MEPH service alterations, new partitions and fit-out works.

The Trust has acquired 37 Dean Street to accommodate the clinic’s administrative function. Although the building has been finished to the new CatA+ standard, we need to make alterations to the layout and services to suit the revised occupancy and ancillary rooms.

The works are taking place on an operational floor behind temporary partitions and all debris and materials are being transported to the site area out of clinic hours.

The project started in November 2023.

Architect:  Ansell & Bailey Ltd

Principal Designer:  Nick Perry Associates

Quantity Surveyor:  Christopher Smith Associates LLP

Project Value:  £980,000


Project 3

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London

The final project to start on site involves the replacement of the existing three Transtherm Adiabatic Cooler Units situated at roof level within the main hospital site. The project will see the installation of 9 new units, which is expected to enhance the cooling system and improve the overall efficiency of the hospital.

The project is taking place in an extremely congested site, which poses unique challenges. The site is surrounded by several buildings, including residential apartments to the west, residential properties to the south and high street businesses and residential properties to the north, which necessitates the need for careful coordination and planning.

Despite the challenges, our expert team started working on the site in mid-November 2023, with the first crane lift being completed within a week of commencing on site!  Completion of the project will be February 2024. During this time, we will be working closely with all stakeholders to ensure minimal disruption to the hospital’s daily operations.

Principal Designer:  Nick Perry Associates

Quantity Surveyor:  Christopher Smith Associates LLP

Project Value:  £950,000


For all our projects, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality projects safely, on time and within budget, and our teams are committed to achieving these objectives. We will continue to work closely with the hospital and other stakeholders to ensure that these projects are delivered successfully.