Topping Out Ceremony –

East Croydon Medical Centre

October 2022

Topping Out ceremonies are a time-honoured tradition that signify the successful completion of the structural phase of a project.  For centuries, these ceremonies have celebrated the moment a structure reaches its highest point, marking this milestone of construction and granting the opportunity for individuals involved in the construction of the project to celebrate the progress made. 

Logan Construction recently celebrated the ‘Topping Out’ at our East Croydon Medical Centre site.

The ceremony was attended by partners, stakeholders and project team involved in the project.  Together they gave speeches and outlined the positive impact that this new medical centre will have within the local community.

When complete, Spring 2023, East Croydon Medical Centre will have been redeveloped into a circa 1000m2 four storey modern, purpose-built NHS Health Centre.

Logan Construction will have completed the new construction of the GP premises including full fit out and external works.


Client:                          Dr McCrae & Partners

Funding:                      Part funded from NHSE

Project Manager:        TP2MC

Architect:                     Brookes Architects

Services Engineer:      Beveridge Associates

Structural Engineer:    Toorc Talk Consulting


‘Topping Out’ History

Topping out ceremonies have been occurring for many centuries, across all manner of cultures.  During the pagan era, it is said that an evergreen tree would be hoisted to the tallest point of a building to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck to its occupants.  Another aspect of the tradition involves the ancient Scandinavian rite of placing a tree atop a new building to appease the tree-dwelling spirits displaced in its construction.  In Egyptian times, it has been shown that a tree was placed on top the country’s first stone building to pay respects to those who had lost their life throughout its construction. Along with the erection of a tree or branch that would remain until the building’s completion, a party among the construction workers, the building’s owner and future occupants would also take place.

 ‘Topping Out’ Modern Ceremonies

Modern day, topping out ceremonies are celebratory affairs that bring together project teams to see the progress made on site, as well as an opportunity to thank the people involved in erecting the structure. In honour of tradition, often an evergreen tree or sapling branch are still included in these ceremonies.  Placing the final structural beam in place on a building is a significant project milestone.

 Whatever the take on these ceremonies, it is clear that they were conducted as a way to impart good fortune for the building’s future inhabitants and offer recognition for a great accomplishment.

 It is important that we continue traditions that commemorate not only the completion of a project, but that also celebrate the process of building it. These ceremonies not only serve as a nod to the past but are an acknowledgement of this pinnacle of achievement.