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Comprehensive relocation of the chemistry laser laboratories within the Christopher Ingold Building.  Owing to the vibration issues that researchers have experienced within the existing department on the 1st floor, we created an entirely new setting for this department’s highly sensitive laser equipment without the vibration arisings causing detriment to their experiments’ results.

Phase one involved the re-purposing of the current lower ground workshop into the new BEAMS MAPS chemistry laser laboratories.  This phase included decanting the existing workshop area into the engineering department within the basement of the Roberts Building.  The new laser suite required extensive new servicing and the relocation of existing services.

Following this, phase two refurbished the newly available areas of the ground and 1st floor.

In addition to the extensive internal refurbishment, we coordinated a programme of external upgrades to underpin the modernisation of the College’s laser laboratories and teaching suite.



A complex refurbishment scheme, delivered across three different areas within two buildings, has facilitated the installation of new highly sensitive scientific equipment for staff and students.  Undertaken in the London Centre of Nano-Technology and the Department of Physics, re refurbished and renewed several key research areas.

Laboratory F10

A new glass reinforced polymer platform was installed in this area to facilitate the installation of a specialist Bluefors machine.  To enable this, we had to move existing services and provide an acoustic enclosure on the lower level.

Laboratory G04

This space was divided into two areas, via a new partition, to create G04a and G04b.  Works also included the changing of existing space into a further smaller laboratory area and installation of a laser curtain to safely divide G02 and G04.

EBL Clean Room

Redevelopment of the EBL room, a small room inside the existing clean room.



This project within UCL’s Queen Square House was set across three floors and included the refurbishment and remodelling of existing space, creating Cat 2 labs, offices, microscope rooms and welfare facilities.



The Anatomy Building was a complex project that required refurbishment work to be undertaken across first floor, basement and sub-basement levels. Our delivery required diligent logistical programme planning and management, together with strong communication, flexibility, collaboration and liaison with key stakeholders and estates department to safely and successfully deliver this scheme.

The project delivered a range of varying laboratory facilities for the University, including a specialist ‘fish room’ where Zebrafish were to be studied. Meeting spaces, write-up areas and storage spaces were some of the other key spaces provided.

An interesting piece of design within the project was the provision of bespoke gold cladding on a steel frame, designed to hide further plant, hosted in clear view of an entrance outside the building. The specialist cladding featured a binary DNA pattern of the Zebrafish and provides an exciting focal point.

An excellent and professionally run project, delivered to meet all client expectations and requirement. Well done!


London Zoo

London Zoo

Essential refurbishment of Nuffield Laboratories for ZSL London Zoo.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London

Refurbishment to create Quantum laboratories and refurbishment of the H1 facilities located within ICL’s Hammersmith Campus.

Police Station

Police Station

This Design & Build project was for the refurbishment of the existing police station to form a new chemical enhancement laboratory for Essex Police.

Cell Therapy Laboratories

Cell Therapy Laboratories

The Cellular Therapeutics unit is a highly specialist facility that was in urgent need of increased capacity.

Queen Mary’s University London

Queen Mary’s University London

Fogg Building and John Vane Science Centre.